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    • Pre-Seasoned to perfection and ready for use
    • Cast iron makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods
    • Heavy-Duty and durable, designed to last for years
    • Hand wash with stiff brush and hot water
    • Cooking with cast iron provides nutritional iron intake
    13 inches
    13 inches
    3 1/2 inches
    9 pounds

    Full Description

    This Cajun Cookware Wok is made of cast iron and measures 13 inches x 13 inches x 4 inches. The cast iron wok has a flat bottom. Pre-Seasoned to perfection and ready for use. Cast iron cookware makes for superior heat retention and even heating of foods. Heavy-Duty and durable, designed to last for years. Hand wash with stiff brush and hot water. Cooking with cast iron provides nutritional iron intake.


    Material Cast Iron
    Seasoned Seasoned
    Size13 Inches
    Capacity4 Quart

    Overall Dimensions

    Height 13 Inches
    Width 13 Inches
    Depth 3 1/2 Inches
    Weight 9 Pounds

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    • Q.

      How and when and with what do I season my cast iron. How often and with what do I wash it with

      • A.

        We have an excellent content here where our own Chef Tony shows two different methods for seasoning cast iron. He also explains how to clean your cast iron after use. Reply

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    Shipping Width 13 Inches
    Shipping Height 13 Inches
    Shipping Length 4 Inches
    Shipping Weight 9 Pounds

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    Height: 13 Inches
    Width: 13 Inches
    Depth: 3 1/2 Inches
    Weight: 9 Pounds
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Cajun Cookware Wok 4 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Wok
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the wok for your home

this wok is not quite as large nor as heavy as some more noted companies but having said that this Cajun wok is one good cooker. the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars because it's not 14in. in dia. but I quess that's the trade off in weight 9# vs. 14# which is quite a lot.there is also the price diff. to be considerer as well. I've had many diff. styles of woks but I keep on being drawn back to this one. Cast iron always fries & sautes better carbon steel, along wwith the stability factor. if your not working in a chinese kitchen "this is tthe wok that you'll want to have" !!!

Great wok!

I bought this wok a month ago. Fast delivery. Nice finish. The wok is big enough for me to cook a dish for four. Sturdy on the stove. I cooked a rice soup in it during my first use (throw the soup away afterwards) just to get rid of whatever comes from the manufacturing process. Then just use it cook my dish, no extra seasoning is needed. It retains heat very well and the dish tastes better. The handle doesn't get too hot so I can still hold it during cooking, this is the main advantage I like this over those two-ear woks. Plus this one is not too heavy, 8-9 lbs. The Lodge two-ear cast iron wok is 15 lbs. After each use, wash it by hot water, heat it up to dry. that's it. Great product! Strongly recommended if you want to make some authentic Chinese dish.

1 good wok for \"wok hei\"

I purchased this particular wok about 5 yrs. ago, I used it on all types of stoves including on my grill outside. you can"t get it too hot. I used the oven method to cure it. I don"t boil any water in it or use any tomato sauces because this will take off your hard earned patina. It does have considerable heft to it which adds to it"s stability on the stove top which is good for safety concerns especially when stir frying, meaning it stays in one place.This wok has ruff sides so that when you push the food up to the side it doesn't easily slide back down. For a cast iron wok you can buy a more expensive one but you just "can't go any better" and I should know because I've been thru 4 other woks and I keep on coming back to this one that your looking at right now.

Hunk of Iron needs final finishing

This wok was just the right size(13 inches x 13 inches x 4 inches)but we were kept guessing as it was listed as only 4 or 5 qt. Very heavy as it should be with a nice block of iron cast on the bottom to provide stability on the burner and incredible heat retention compared to stamped steel or aluminum woks . Only complaint was rough excess metal casting flash on the handle that could cause a hand injury and a small dime sized lump of metal inside the bowl area that caused cooking tools to skip or hang up on it. After the first use I took a metal grinder to the edges and that lump in the bowl. Then I ran the pan through the oven cleaning cycle to remove the existing seasoning and re-seasoned it myself to protect the ground off areas. I now have a first rate pan in the condition it should have been in when recieved.Since we couldn't find a nice cast iron wok locally I'm not going to complain too much and the price was fair. [...] This pan will see a lot of use and and is durable enough to get passed on to future generations of our family.